Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Pea at 6 1/2 months BB (before birth)

What an incredible 4 weeks. The pictures on the right show "LP" at 6 and 10 weeks respectively. Wow! Jennifer had the ultrasound taken on her doctors appointment this afternoon. We are floored. It looks like a little person! If you look closely you can see ears and arms. Jennifer was able to see LP move and actually wave at her. LP lifted his arm and she could see the hand and even 5 perfect little fingers. The heartbeat was 171, and the doc says that is perfect. The most important thing is that Jennifer and LP received a perfect bill of health. Did I mention that we are so excited.

Jennifer is feeling much better these days. Which is perfect timing since we are flying to Savannah, GA tomorrow for the weekend. We will spend Wed - Fri at a conference for my work, and then the weekend in Hilton Head, SC.

When I first saw the picture, I was like "yes, it's a boy........... and what a boy." Turns out that is the umbilical cord.

On that note. I would like to take a survey. I am taking bets as to if LP is a boy or a girl. Jennifer and I have our guesses, but we would love to hear yours. Please post your comment and let us know. We will be finding out ASAP the sex of the baby. For two reasons really. First we just really really want to know, and secondly the use of personal pronouns would really make these post read a lot better. I realize the use of LP is a little repetative. We should know the sex in 8 weeks from today!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


As you can see, I figured out how to post a picture. You can now see little pea in all his/her glourious wonder. The picture was taken on Jennifer's first ultrasound at 6 weeks. The circular shape you see is not the baby. This is what the baby is feeding on until the placenta is formed. The baby in this picture is the undefinable form attached to the "bubble". We were also able to hear the heartbeat and it was one of the most amazing and humbling experiences of my life. All I could think about is the song "I Saw God Today". If you ever need proof of God's existance, listen to the dopplar heart beat of a fetus at 6 weeks!

Update...... since the picture, little pea has more than doubled in size. If another ultrasound was taken now, you would be able to see hands, feet, elbows, eyes, and even the tip of a nose. Also, the baby no longer looks like an alien! Which is good really. For a while I was afraid Jennifer was abducted by aliens and I was really not as talented as I previously thought.

Jennifer is experiencing some more nausea, though not as bad as before. Unfortunatly, we are not out of the woods on the sickness yet. One can hope though. Again, thank you all for your support and we appreciate your comments posted on here. Hope to see you all soon. God Bless and we love you all.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Daddy's Blog / 8 weeks

This is my first post on our blog. I am excited to use this to update friends and family on the progress of Jennifer and Baby Chambless (a.k.a. little pea). We appreciate your support, and I have created this to try to keep all interested parties in the loop as much as possible. Please forgive me if I switch from I to we several times. I am speaking for the both of us but for the most part it is from my perspective. The goal is to give you an inside view into our home as we progress through this wonderful journey. Warning..... I am not much of a writer.

Today we celebrate the two month milestone. Over the last week or two, Jennifer has been feeling some of the symptoms associated with early pregnancy. Mainly morning sickness and nausea throughout the day. The last couple of days have been much better, and we are hoping that this trend will continue.

Jennifer goes back to the doctor in two weeks for a check up. As of now, the baby is doing very well and their have not been any complications. Thank God.

We very much appreciate everyone's support and calls. We consider ourselves to be very blessed not only because of the baby, but also because of the people we have around us. I will try to update the blog as often as possible, but please feel free to call anytime. Hopefully I can figure out how to post attachments on here and will be able to post ultrasound pictures soon.

Good night. We love you all and again really appreciate all of your support. God bless and I'll update you again soon.