Tuesday, April 29, 2008

16 weeks

Jennifer is now 4 months along and we can't believe how fast it is going. Everything has been great so far. Jennifer is feeling good these days. She is heading into the 2nd Trimester which is supposed to be the easiest on her. She is officially in maternity clothes now, and actually looks pregnant. She is excited about this because she is not in that in between stage anymore. She didn't really fit into her old clothes anymore and the maternity clothes were too big for her. She also felt like people were looking at her trying to decide if she was pregnant or had just eaten too much for lunch (Those are her words and not mine). If you ask me, she has never looked more beautiful!

Little Pea is growing right along. He/She is about the size of an avacado now. That's about 4 1/2 inches long. LP is weighing in at a whopping 3 1/2 ounces. Many of the advanced body systems are now working including the circulatory system and urinary tract. We are anxious to find out the sex of the baby as we now have less that two weeks to wait. We have a Doctor's appointment Friday morning of next week.

Recently we bought a home heartbeat monitor. It is pretty amazing. It is basically a small version of what they hook Jennifer up to at the Doctors. There is a little monitor and Doppler microphone. We put the microphone up to Jennifers belly and chase LP around. When he/she holds still for a minute we can listen and measure LP's heartbeat. It really is something to just sit there and listen to that perfect little heartbeat. The HB ranges from 140-150 which is right where it is supposed to be.

Thanks for checking in. I'll try to keep all of you as updated as possible. We log on most nights to read what y'all post. We really do appreciate all the love and support.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

14 Week Doctors Appointment

Jennifer went to the Dr. again today. She got a great bill of health. Little Pea also had a great checkup. His / her heartbeat was 164, which is high, but good. Apparently we have a very active little baby. The Dr. was having a hard time getting the heartbeat because LP wouldn't hold still. Does that sound familiar? We are very excited. Jennifer also found out that the pulling sensation she gets from time to time is perfectly normal. This is due the the ligaments that are trying to hold her now over sized uterus in place. She was a little worried, but feels much better about it now.
There was some big news that Jennifer received at her appointment. Nothing about her or LP, but she found out that her Dr. is actually pregnant. She is due 2 weeks before Jennifer. Needless to say, she will be on maternity leave when Jennifer is due and will not be able deliver the baby. We must now decide to switch Doctors, or to keep her Dr. and phase in another one who would end up doing the delivery. The problem is that Jennifer and I both really like her current Doctor. Any thoughts or Advice?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

First picture of Jennifer "holding" the baby!

Hey Guys,

Sorry its been so long since my last posting. We are in that stage where no news is good news. Little Pea is developing as expected and on schedule. All the levels and what Jennifer is feeling right now is exactly as it should be. She seems to feel good 23 1/2 hours out of the day. There is about half an hour that she will not feel great, but it seems to pass and not last too long.
You can see that Jennifer is starting to show. As she puts it, "She has popped." With every new development I continue to be amazed. Jennifer has never been more beautiful! I can't wait for her belly to get even bigger.
We will be finding out the sex of the baby in about a month. Then we will not have to call him/her Little Pea anymore. We can call our little bundle of joy by a real name. That will be a special day. As always, thanks for your love and support. Please keep us and Little Pea in your prayers.