Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect!

Rarely do I have an idea in my head that ends up looking exactly like what I envisioned. But once in a blue moon, even a blind squire finds a nut. Friday morning we woke up and let Emily play with her Uncle Chris and, very soon to be, Aunt Holly. Dad and I took Emily on a walk and then Chris and I went for a short run. Then Dave, Chris, Dad and I went over to my grandparents to set up.

Be careful Uncle Chris!
Look! She's standing on her own. It was only for a moment, but I caught it on camera!
Watch out! Emily was wild with those drum sticks!
Chris is hanging those lights with all his might!
I had almost forgot how nice their backyard is, and how great the weather can be in sunny So. Cal.

Christie helping me cut the fabric for the tables. There's nothing like waiting until the last minute! Geesh! I should have done this in TN.
Dave putting his hot air to work.

After we were done setting up Christie and I took Emily to the nail salon to meet up with Mom, Alyssa, Holly, Destiny and Aunt Vicky for pedicures. Emily was so good! The bride to be was looking lovely and Christie and I picked up some lunch from In 'N Out on our way. That place is the bomb diggity! I wish they would move east. Emily was stuck with her formula. No milkshake for her!
The blushing bride
All the ladies in the house say, "Oh ya!"
After pampering ourselves we got ready and headed to the church for the rehearsal. We were only missing one usher and one groomsman. Pretty good considering. Emily was getting a little sleepy. She hadn't had a nap all day except the few minutes in the car. Poor girl!
Emily and Daddy outside the church.

Check out those gold shoes! And that dress!
The dinner set up.
Chris and Holly giving out some groomsman gifts. Beer Me!
Enjoying dinner with friends. Anyone wonder why the bride and groom aren't sitting next to each other? Hmmm.
After the sun went down the lights came on and it was just like I had pictured it. Success!!!
P.S. Emily fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner and slept through the entire rehearsal dinner! Therefore, no pictures of her! :(

Life's a Beach!

Everyone wants to know how the flight to California went. Well, it went something like this. Dave and I were armed with wagon wheels, cheese puffs, and Baby Einstein DVDs. We brought toys and even a blanket in hopes that she would fall asleep. Ya right. Not my girl. After 4.5 hours on a plane most grown adults are tired and cranky. A 9 month old is no exception. Emily has just conquered her new found mobility and trying to container her was difficult. But we arrived safely and that's all that matters. Thursday morning we were off to Zuma beach, where I grew up and also where the show "Baywatch" was filmed.

Dave and I did a little boogie boarding in the frigid water. I'm talking like 62 degrees people! Dave looking sexy before his next set rolls in. No one took pictures of me in the water. :(

Dave and my Dad braving the cold water and the strong rip tide.
Wave:1 Dave:0Emily soaked the little swimmers she was wearing and peed all over my lap. She really enjoyed her few minutes naked on the beach. :)
All tuckered out after a long day. Going...Going...

Stay tuned for more pics from Chris and Holly's wedding weekend. It was a blast!