Monday, February 15, 2010

Better late than never

Ok, so this may or may not have taken place 4 weeks ago. I did try to blog several weeks ago, but my computer screwed up the pics and made me mad. So after pouting for a few weeks here it is. Emily and I made the trek from Memphis to Mobile to meet baby Lucy! The Phi Mu Superfriends now have two Superbabies! With a large coffee and Little Mermaid on DVD off we went. I strategically planned a lunch stop in Meridian at Chick-fil-A to give Em some time to play and stretch her legs. The thought of 6 hours in the car is in direct opposition to the busy-body, wide open personality of my sweet baby.

6 hours and 45 minutes later we arrived to these sweet faces!

Bret is like SuperDad! He was a baby whisperer to Em and she fell asleep n his arms both evenings we were there.

Isn't she precious! I can't believe she is 7 weeks old already!!!!Aunt Laweren gave Emily this pretty dress for her birthday. But Emily got her extremely long tongue from her Grandma Jamie.
Since the first of the year we have been working with Emily on her body parts, ie. "Where's your nose?" and "Where's your eyes?" However, I didn't think ahead and Emily likes to point to everyone else's eyes, mostly just poking their eye out. I had to be on super alert so as not to blind my friend's newborn baby.
Aunt Law was so fun! She even had cupcakes for us to make. Emily loved stirring the batter.
"Don't touch!"
Awe...sweet kisses!
Uncle Bret dancing with Em. I tried to upload video but that lead to the fight with the computer so for the sake of ever getting this post published I will forgo the video for now.And she's out again!
Before we left that Friday we had to get some pictures of the girls together. Because the good Lord knows it wouldn't be a PhiMu party if there wasn't a photo shoot. I wanted to get the girls matching outfit for pictures, but it is very hard to find newborn stuff and 18 month stuff alike. Thanks to Target I managed to find these cute Giraffe Valentine's shirts. Here is Emily getting prepped for her shoot.
And here is Lucy getting her game face on.
Are these not the two cutest little girls EVER!
Emily was reading to Lucy. It was so funny because Lucy kept looking away and Em kept trying to get her to pay attention. Ah! Memories!
I Love these girls!
Uncle Bret even got one with us Mommas and our girls. Nothing is sweeter than being a momma except sharing that excitement with your best friends!

Emily showed her Aunt Law just how messy a toddler can be! Oh Lord!

It was a fantastic trip! It was so good to see Lawren and Bret and meet Lucy. I look forward to many visits in the future with our girls. Lawren is such a great Momma and looks AMAZING!!! I just hope she'll have us back sometime.