Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Come On Over!

If you remember correctly, when we first moved into our house the decor was so bad that white walls with prison issued sheets would have been an improvement. But by the time we got around to the guest bedroom I was so tired of painting that I just slapped something up there. Yellow was certainly a last minute call on my 57th trip to Home Depot. Now, over 2 years later, it was starting to bother me. As was the brass and oak ceiling fan that was older than I am. Not to mention the nice pink stain I managed to get on the white duvet cover from a drying sweater on the bed. I mean, really, why do they even make white duvet covers? So we now have a lovely blue room that is a little more calming. The photo collage was a bit busy for me. The problem is what to do with the two empty walls? I have an idea in my head for the wall over the head board. Dave thinks I may be aiming a little high, but I think I can do it. Unless any of my super creative, artistic friends (Ehem, Lawren) want to come help me!

So get off your tushes and come visit!