Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Damage Is Done

Let me begin by begging my sweet, handsome husband not to divorce me for what I am about to admit too. While debating what to do with my lunch break I recalled that Kohl's was running their special this week of 15% of anything in the store. Hmmmm... What to do? What to do?

As you can see, Kohl's prevailed. One more point for the evil marketing geniuses. In my defense, Emily's fall wardrobe was lacking. Most things in her 12 month section are summer dresses. Thanks to Carter's she now has an adorable brown velour sweatsuit, tan khakis with coordinating hot pink flower top, pink polka dot corduroy overalls, and a light pink fleece pant set with matching polka dot hooded vest. Ok, so the hot pink watermelon short outfit in the middle is not for the fall, but hey, it was only $4. I couldn't resist.

The sad part about this shopping trip was the overwhelming sense that Emily is so grown up. I mean, I couldn't even consider the soft, cuddly, sleepers because she is almost walking! Come this fall she can't wear anything with feet sewn in because she will need real shoes (unless of course she is actually sleeping!) My baby is almost a toddler!

Oh, by the way, Lawren, Leigh, I picked up a little something for your girls too! So Lawren, you'd better have a little girl!