Friday, August 7, 2009

Have My Cake And Eat It Too!

I like to think of myself as a pretty good mom. Sure I make mistakes, but at least I try. As you may know my tiny peanut falls somewhere around the 10th percentile in weight for baby girls her age. Which is why it always cracks me up when people stop me to say, "Oh, she's getting so big!" I'm like, no you idiot, she's still tiny. She'll be 10 months old tomorrow and slept in a 6 month sleeper last night. Anyway, I digress. So in an effort to keep my child from looking like a starved, Ethiopian baby, I try to make her eat pretty regularly. This is sometimes a problem when she'd rather do... well... anything else. Seriously, is she my child? I wonder. Yesterday at daycare they said for lunch she devoured the broccoli florets, but hardly touched her mac 'n cheese?!?!?! See what I mean. SO, back to the point, last week when the turkey and peas was a no go for dinner and she'd hardly eaten anything I got the bright idea to feed her a cupcake. Sure it's junk, but hey, at least it's calories. Right? Well, as you can see, pink frosting or not, she was not happy. We're having a blood test next week to confirm that she is my daughter.