Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Today Emily is 3 weeks old. I am feeling slightly guilty that this is only my second posting since she was born. We have been busy visiting with everyone. Grandma D was here for two weeks and we were sad to see her leave last Monday. Then we went to Nashville to see Grandma Jamie and meet Aunt Leigh and Uncle Dillon and Uncle Aaron and her cousins last week. It was so much fun. Everyone loved her, of course! Now we are settled in back at home and getting ready for our first Halloween. I will be sure to post pictures in her costume soon.

Today I am feeling very, very blessed to have such a beautiful, HEALTHY, baby girl. Today is my boss' daughter, Grace, first birthday and they are spending it in the hospital. She has been fighting infections all year long and they still don't know exactly why. It really makes us realize how blessed we are. We care so grateful for every sleepless night at home and time Emily smiles at us; even if it is probably just gas. Just to have her home and healthy is such a gift that we are so thankful for. Today, I ask everyone to say a prayer for Grace and her family as they battle this illness.

Right now, Emily is done feeding and laying on my shoulder. She smells so sweet I have to wrap this up so I can just hold her and smell her. Love you all!