Thursday, April 16, 2009

Universe to Jennifer: You are still a mess!

I am a giant mess. I mean, for a former cheerleader, I am pretty clumsy. I spill drinks, drop crumbs, splash coffee on my walk back from the break room, etc. I dare say, there is not one maternity shirt left from my pregnancy without a spot on it. I mean, with a target that big, how could I keep from dripping all over my tummy?!?! Well, sometimes I have a good run of cleanliness that makes me think, maybe I'm not such a klutz after all. Maybe those other times were just a fluke! Then the universe turns and I have one of those days where EVERYTHING I do is a disaster. It's like the world wants to remind me that despite my best efforts, I will never own a pair of pants that have not been the victim of my afternoon chocolate frenzy. My best black shoes will always have scratches from where I have managed to get my heel in the 1/4 inch gap in the driveway and topple over. My hair will often have a section that has dried baby food in it, hours after I last fed Emily. Thank you universe for reminding me that it is I who should be wearing the bib, and not my 6 month old daughter. Today, if you see me coming your way, run! I will probably spill something on you.