Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catching Up

Hello! Yes, it's actually me. My account hasn't been hacked. Since I haven't posted in ummmm, let's see... 9 months, I'll catch you up. I'm making a baby! And we moved backed to Nashville. Those 2 things have pretty much consumed us. Here's the short version... In late September we found out that Emily's prayers worked (sort of. See previous post). We are PREGNANT! About 4 weeks after that we found out that Dave was up for a promotion with Transworld Systems and we might be moving. It was thanksgiving before we found out for sure that Dave was going to be the newest (and youngest ever) Regional Director for the TN region. The plan was for him to start Jan 1st and work from the Nashville office. So we put the house on the market assuming it would take awhile to sell. Boy were we wrong! It took 4 days!!! We closed in 30 days. The problem was that we spent 22 of those days in CA for Christmas. So Emily and I flew back on Thursday Jan 5th and we moved to Franklin on Saturday Jan 7th. Yep 2 days! Needless tO say it was hectic. But since we have the best friends EVER it got done! Hold on, did I mention before that I was pregnant! Yes, this poor second child. I was 20 weeks pregnant before we even came up for air. Oh, and that Friday jan 6th we had a doctors appointment to find out that we were having a baby BOY!!!! Much to his big sister's disappointment since she had already named her baby "sister" Pretty Rose Feather. So here we are. Living in Franklin, 37 weeks pregnant and trusting God amidst the chaos. Baby boy is healthy (and big!) and Dave's new job is going extremely well. We miss our friends in Memphis terribly but have been so blessed by family and friends here in Franklin. There are some very exciting things in our family's near future and I hope to be better about documenting it all. More to come!