Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's 5 O' Clock Somewhere

This weekend we had the privilege of visiting our good friends Jeremy & Lindsey at their boat house on Center Hill Lake. What a great time! Big shout out to Grandma Jamie & Grand-Dude for keeping little bit for us so we could have some grown-up time. Dave was excited. Really, REALLY, excited!

And we're on the boat! The view was amazing, perfect day.
Me & the Hubs

Dave barely waited for the boat to stop before he was in the water.

Our gracious hosts.

Happy boy

Wait... What? Smile? Huh?

Take two


Group shot

One of my favorite gals!

Taking it easy. Nice hat Lindsey!

Dave had to take a quick trip on the kayak before we headed home. I let him tow me around on the float for a bit. You know, to make him feel special. Just for his sake, really. ;)

We had an awesome time. Thanks so much to Jeremy & Lindsey for being such great hosts and even better friends. We love you guys. Hope to be back soon!