Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Daze

What happened to time? Where did it go? How did preschool sneak up on us? Today was Emily's first day of preschool. Granted, she is starting early, but still. Long story short, I wanted Emily to have a few days a week to be away from me, learning to sit still, listening to a teacher, playing with others, etc. And to be honest I was looking forward to a little free time myself. Like you know, time to use the bathrom by myself, and maybe do the grocery shopping without having to say "No" 100 times. But because the school cut-off in TN is Sept. 30th Emily was going to be put in the 2 year old class at almost every school I called. Boo. :( However, Collierville Presbyterian Day School has a December 30th cut-off and so she is in their 3yr old class! It worked out perfectly. It is less than a mile from the house and she'll only go 2 days a week from 9:15-2:15. The school is really small, which I like. There are only 4 classes in the whole school (Two 3yr old classes, a 4yr old class, and a Pre-K), there are only 6 kids in her class with one teacher, Miss Beth. And she's learning more 3yr old stuff like letters and counting, things a 2 yr old class wouldn't. And since this school is one of the only ones with a late cut-off, there are other younger kids in her class. She isn't even the youngest. It's just perfect! She is very, VERY excited to go to "chool" as she calls it. And surprisingly, I was really excited too! I got a little sad last night, but this morning neither one of us cried! Whoop! Whoop!

And now you know what's coming. Yup. I was THAT mom. As much grief as I gave my mom for making us take that stupid "First day of school" picture year after year, now it begins for Emily. So here is our big girl, all grown up (as she would say "Growed up").

Me & My girl!

Being silly to let out a few nerves.

I will admit that promptness is not my strongest trait, but in an effort to change for the better we showed up EARLY! No, really! I wanted to have some time to take a few pictures in front of the sign. Yep. I'm THAT mom. :)

Yep. She's checking out her own shoes. They are pink sparkly sneakers and she picked them out all by herself!

One of the perks to this school is that our good friend Chloe is there too! I am really good friends with her mom and we are use to seeing Chloe often. Her older brother Austin went here 2 years ago which is actually how I learned of it. She'll be 4 in December so she's in the 4 year old class. But they see each other on the playground for an hour each day. Apparently they're going to give their teachers a run for their money. Today they we playing "dead" and burying each other in the sand. Ooops! That would be our girls.

Emily with her teacher Miss Beth. Sorry for the picture quality, I was trying to snap it and go before someone started crying.

And so it begins, twice a week my little girl is going to "chool."