Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day at the Park

I love being a stay at home mommy! Since I left the workforce I have been trying to work through a long list of projects I had around the house. I painted butterflies on the wall in Emily's nursery, I made a wall frame collage thingy in my entry way, we have laid sod in our backyard (pictures of all that to follow later). But this weekend I realized I was stressing out over things that I thought HAD to get done when really it was extra stuff I WANTED to do. So Monday I spent all day doing nothing but playing with Emily. We took a long run to the park and played for a while then ran home for naptime. Below are some of the pics from our afternoon. Now you can see why everyone who is around her for any length of time tells me she is a little monkey! For the record, I did not help her climb on any of that stuff at ALL! That was all Emily. But I was within arms reach in case she fell. Not to worry! (All pics courtesy of my iPhone)

Yes, that is her standing on one foot with her other foot up on the handlebars!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gameday in T-Town!

This weekend was Emily's first time to be in Tuscaloosa on Gameday. We traveled to Montevallo Friday night to stay with MeMaw and Pop. Emily loves it there with all the different toys and different places to explore. Not to mention Pop is always tickling her and chasing her around. SO, Saturday morning we drove to Tuscaloosa for Gameday. We started with a visit to Waterworks where Dave worked all through college. Then we ventured down to the strip and had lunch at Pepitos. Emily did great! Then we walked, and walked, and WALKED! We traveled by the stadium to the quad where we met up with Anna and David. Anna made Emily a dress for my baby shower last year. After a quick wardrobe change in front of Denny Chimes we took some pics then went by Dave's fraternity house. Then on to the RV tailgating area to visit with some old friends. By 2pm Emily was tired but I was determined to get some photos at the Phi Mu House. We met up with Ginger there for a drink and some pictures. Dave even had a minor celebrity sighting. Ross Wilson, John Parker's younger brother who also plays baseball for the Tide. He was there with his girlfriend who is a Phi Mu. No sighting of coach Saban's daughter. :( Anyway, Emily slept through the whole experience but I did get my pictures. Then we took her to meet John Ed and Brenda at Will Hagen's. By 4:30pm it was time to get Emily to the sitter so we could get back in time for kick off. The baby sitter was great! So sweet and had a great place down by Lake Tuscaloosa. Dave and I had a wonderful time at the game thank to Lawren and Bret's tickets. The only part o the day we didn't just love was the long drive back to Memphis which concluded in our driveway at 1:52am. Yikes! Then up for church this morning. Whew! Now it's time for a nap.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll Tide!

This wasn't Emily's first Alabama game, technically. She was around for the second half of last season, but then she mostly just slept even through the cheers and commotion. This weekend she had a better idea of what was going on. It was SO fun to watch her watch Dave! Her eyes were fixed on him for most of the night. I don't think the day could have been any better. We started with coffee, a big breakfast casserole and College Gameday. Then Emily and Dave played with the football in the living room while I prepared the White Chicken Chili for dinner. Then we all took a nap. Then of course a brief photo shoot in the front yard to capture the game day outfit. Then Emily watched the first half of the game with us before she turned in for the night. Dave and I did a lot of jumping up and down in the second half to compensate for our lack of yelling. :) Quite the scene. Here are a few pics from the evening. ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Here's looking at YOU kid!
Looking up at her Daddy.Check out the "A" on her tush. I love that she is pointing at it!
Following in Mommy's footsteps!
Watching kickoff.
Daddy and his girl. Someone is getting sleepy. Here's my monkey, oh, I mean, My daughter.
One last one of Mommy and Daddy.
Check Spelling

Friday, September 4, 2009


OK, so I realize that I have been completely MIA since I retired. One blog post in two weeks! It's just pitiful. So here I go. After my last day we drove to Nashville to celebrate Dave's cousin Jacie's 12th birthday with her. We went shopping with Grandma Jamie and MawMaw and I got Emily her own baby doll stroller that is helping her learn to walk. Then we all just watched her like a hawk trying to be the first one to see her take her first step. Then we went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Emily ate shrimp and broccoli and zucchini. Crazy! Anyway, here are a few pics from our weekend. Promise not to let it be so long next time!

The group at dinner

Emily is ready for some good food. She is my daughter after all!
Emily with Grandma Jamie and Grand-Dude
Emily with her Daddy before dinner