Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gameday in T-Town!

This weekend was Emily's first time to be in Tuscaloosa on Gameday. We traveled to Montevallo Friday night to stay with MeMaw and Pop. Emily loves it there with all the different toys and different places to explore. Not to mention Pop is always tickling her and chasing her around. SO, Saturday morning we drove to Tuscaloosa for Gameday. We started with a visit to Waterworks where Dave worked all through college. Then we ventured down to the strip and had lunch at Pepitos. Emily did great! Then we walked, and walked, and WALKED! We traveled by the stadium to the quad where we met up with Anna and David. Anna made Emily a dress for my baby shower last year. After a quick wardrobe change in front of Denny Chimes we took some pics then went by Dave's fraternity house. Then on to the RV tailgating area to visit with some old friends. By 2pm Emily was tired but I was determined to get some photos at the Phi Mu House. We met up with Ginger there for a drink and some pictures. Dave even had a minor celebrity sighting. Ross Wilson, John Parker's younger brother who also plays baseball for the Tide. He was there with his girlfriend who is a Phi Mu. No sighting of coach Saban's daughter. :( Anyway, Emily slept through the whole experience but I did get my pictures. Then we took her to meet John Ed and Brenda at Will Hagen's. By 4:30pm it was time to get Emily to the sitter so we could get back in time for kick off. The baby sitter was great! So sweet and had a great place down by Lake Tuscaloosa. Dave and I had a wonderful time at the game thank to Lawren and Bret's tickets. The only part o the day we didn't just love was the long drive back to Memphis which concluded in our driveway at 1:52am. Yikes! Then up for church this morning. Whew! Now it's time for a nap.