Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainbow Butt

Happy Friday friends! Today I am going back to my blogging roots; I am going to talk about my sweet Emily. We have a few updates to share. Next weekend Emily will be 8 months old! Can you believe it? 8 months old! Wow, how time flies. For awhile now she has been able to sit up all by herself for long periods of time. Se has several toys that can keep her attention like the monkey Dave and I got her on our crusie. If you squeeze it, it makes a monkey sound and she thinks it's hilarious.

She is sort of crawling. I say "sort of" because she mostly army crawls. She can get up on all fours and move one knee forward, but when she tries to move her hands she usually flops back down to her tummy then promptly uses her arms to propell herself forward on her tummy. She pretty quick too! It won't be long before she's crawling everywhere. Just check out this video of her cousins showing her how to crawl.

And now she can even pull herself up to standing!!! I just saw that one for the first time this morning. Bye-Bye bumper pads. We don't need her using them to climb out of her crib. Speaking of her crib, I'd like to show you all what I get to see first thing every morning. Below is what I like to refer to as "Rainbow Butt." These colorful PJs are my favorite. And although we put her to sleep on her back like the good doctors recommend, she always manages to flip herself over during the night and wake up on her tummy with her butt as far up in the air as possible. It's quite adorable. Tomorrow is her first trip to the zoo! You know there will be pictures of that! Have a great weekend!