Monday, March 30, 2009

Date Night ala Nashville

This weekend Dave and I took our sweet child to visit Family and Friends in Nashville. We hadn't been since Christmas and since I want my in-laws to like me, I must bring their grandchild to visit every few months. That sweet little angel slept the entire car ride there and the whole way back without a peep. God bless her!

While we were there we went to Maggiano's, which if you are not familiar, is the best Italian restaurant EVER! It's family style dining with more food than should be legal to consume in one sitting. Honestly, Dave woke up feeling hung over and thought out loud, "Wow. I shouldn't have had so much to drink." And then he realized, he had not had anything to drink! It was a food hangover, and yes, it's possible. Anyway, we had wonderful company. Our good friends Jeremy and Lindsey (Emily's Godparents) and our friends Anne and Scott (who are expecting their first baby in September). The conversation was entertaining and started to cross the line before the first glass of wine, which is typical with that crowd! We can't wait to go back! We miss you Nashville!

Next weekend... Girl's weekend in Birmingham! It will be Emily's first girl's weekend!