Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Pea at 6 1/2 months BB (before birth)

What an incredible 4 weeks. The pictures on the right show "LP" at 6 and 10 weeks respectively. Wow! Jennifer had the ultrasound taken on her doctors appointment this afternoon. We are floored. It looks like a little person! If you look closely you can see ears and arms. Jennifer was able to see LP move and actually wave at her. LP lifted his arm and she could see the hand and even 5 perfect little fingers. The heartbeat was 171, and the doc says that is perfect. The most important thing is that Jennifer and LP received a perfect bill of health. Did I mention that we are so excited.

Jennifer is feeling much better these days. Which is perfect timing since we are flying to Savannah, GA tomorrow for the weekend. We will spend Wed - Fri at a conference for my work, and then the weekend in Hilton Head, SC.

When I first saw the picture, I was like "yes, it's a boy........... and what a boy." Turns out that is the umbilical cord.

On that note. I would like to take a survey. I am taking bets as to if LP is a boy or a girl. Jennifer and I have our guesses, but we would love to hear yours. Please post your comment and let us know. We will be finding out ASAP the sex of the baby. For two reasons really. First we just really really want to know, and secondly the use of personal pronouns would really make these post read a lot better. I realize the use of LP is a little repetative. We should know the sex in 8 weeks from today!