Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toes and Raspberries!

New developments in Emily's little world include her toes! She has recently discovered them and will grab on to both toes and get them all the way to her mouth. Very Impressive! It's a little problematic while trying to change her diaper, but oh so cute! She has also learned how to stick her tongue out and make that raspberry sound. It is so funny! She's really starting to put things together and notice cause and effect, like "if I make that raspberry sound, they will laugh at me." So she makes the sound again and again and waits for us to laugh. She is a pro in the exersaucer now too. She knows if she hits that button, it makes a sound, so she keeps hitting it over and over again. It's really amazing to literally watch her learn.
Yesterday she went with me on my run. I kept thinking she was asleep because she was so quiet. So I'd stop and lean over to check on her, anticipating that she would be asleep and I would recline her seat, only to find her bright eyed just staring up at me. I think she really likes it! We went over 4 miles and she was quiet and awake the whole time! I think she likes the constant movement, changing scenery, and warm weather. It works for me, because now I can work out without feeling guilty, like I should be spending time with her instead. Now I can do both!

There is one thing that has me feeling guilty. Dave and I just booked a Caribbean cruise for our four year anniversary! Part of me is so excited I can't stand it! The other part feels like the worst mother in the world for leaving my 7 month old for 5 days! Not to mention the deilema I am faced with regarding breastfeeding and pumping. How often can I pump while on the ship? Will she want to nurse when I get back? How much milk can I saved up before we leave? How will she handle not nursing at night before bed? I'm not sure what I am going to do, but I do know we are going, so I have 10 weeks to figure it out!