Thursday, January 27, 2011


Children's Museum Of Memphis is just one more reason Memphis is great. Emily and I have been dealing with a little bit of cabin fever lately with all these cold, snowy days. We were looking for something fun to do inside besides go to Chick-fil-A or to the gym and had heard great things about CMOM. It was great, but I'll admit, after going to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham in December my expectations were a little higher. There was no shark tank like in B-Ham, but it was still pretty cool.
Here's my little girl ready for a fun day.
Hopefully this is the first and last time Emily is ever in a police car!
Next we moved to the International Paper section:
They had these green screens with different costumes and options for what scene to have, everything from Hurricane reporter to American Idol.
Here's Emily's music video, singing "Since you've been gone."
Moving on to the Beach Boys
Now fishing in the indoor river
And of course it wouldn't be Memphis if Fed-Ex hadn't sponsored an exhibit. So they just donated this front end of a plane! Like, a real plane. So cool! There was a slide in the back like they were dropping packages out of it.
A real, working cockpit
You might not know this but Memphis is the first home of the grocery store! Kroger has sponsored a Grocery store for kids. Miniature everything from carts to fake food to real working registers.

That's my girl! Straight for the ice cream!
Back to the green screen! This time an Indian Princess Sari and a construction hat. Now that's original!
Indian Princess construction worker in a castle. Hmmm...
Now for video twister. Mom got in on this action, but since I was the cameraman, no pictures of that. Thank goodness!
They have a section that changes seasonally with different themes. This month the theme is The Wizard of Oz. Meet The Wizard.

And by noon we were hungry and off to Panera Bread for lunch. I love being a momma. Good times!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30

I'm that girl that gets a haircut about every 6 months. This time it had only been 5 months but it was most certainly time. It was so long that at the gym last night, with my hair in a ponytail I still had to hold my ponytail while drinking from the drinking fountain. Even in a ponytail it gets in the sink when I was my face or brush my teeth. It was waaaaaay too long!

Oh what fun! Crazy as it is, at 2 years and 3 months old, this was not Emily's first haircut. But it was her first haircut at a salon. Really, she didn't need it but I sure did. And what Mommy is doing Emily wants to do. So last night the whining chorus began, "I want haircut too Mommy, I want my haircut!" Luckily my stylist is a sweetheart and made a big production about it, and trimmed a half inch. And on top of that didn't charge me anything for Emily. Emily was so excited and kept rubbing her head telling everyone at the salon, "I got my haircut like Mommy." We even had to call Grandma Dee and tell her. Below are a couple quick pics from our makeover.

And here's mommy's new do! I tried to find a good before picture, unsuccessfully, but I cut about 4-5 inches off.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miss Ballerina

What to do on a cold, rainy morning? Catch up on our TV! This morning Emily and I were watching the Miss America pageant and while watching the talent portion Emily ran into her room. Assuming she had to go potty and just wasn't telling me I followed her only to find her digging in her pajama drawer. When I asked her what she was doing she held up her ballerina PJs and said, "I going to be a ballerina." So we completed the outfit with a tu-tu and tiara and she watched Miss Oklahoma do ballet on point about 5 times in a row. Eventually I figured I needed to get some video.

Now don't worry. It was her idea! I promise never to be one of those crazy pageant moms. But it was so cute! And isn't it every mom's dream to watch her 2 year old baby girl pretend to be a ballerina? Thank you terrible weather for providing me such a fun memory this morning!

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's time to GO, GO, GO, GO, on an adventure!

Wow! It's been a long time since my last post and if I have any people who actually still follow my blog, kudos to you. Both of you. Ha!

The funny thing is, now that Emily is two, I have so many more stories I could share, but I have so much less time to blog! Or shower for that matter. But I am making an effort to start sharing Emily stories more often because they are getting better by the day! At 2 years and 3 months old she is quite the little chatter box these days.

One of my current favorite Emilyisms is every time we go somewhere in the car, when we arrive at our destination she exclaims, "We made it!" :) Or when it snowed this week and we were making snow angels in the yard she said she wanted to make one on her tummy so her smile would be in the snow. And last week she told me, "I not your baby, Momma." And while I was busy holding back tears she added, "I'm a big girl." (Tear).

Quick Update

Emily is potty trained! Or at least 90% potty trained. She even has real big girl panties with Tinkerbell on them. But after she tried to show Grand-Dude we had a very serious talk about how we don't show boys our panties...EVER!

I am signed up for my first FULL marathon! My brother and I are running the San Diego Rock N Roll marathon June 5th. Let the training begin!

We did find another home for Maggie! PTL! My life is so much simpler now but we have to spell D-O-G around our house as to not prompt memories for Emily. I sometimes feel like a bad mom for getting rid of my kid's dog. But then I watch her play with all her tiny little toys she got for Christmas and realize that they would have all been dog food by now if Maggie were still around.

And now I'll leave you with a little video from our snow adventure Monday. Happy Friday!