Sunday, January 24, 2010


I love my life! I try to say that pretty often to Dave, but I don't say it enough here on the blog. I am so glad to be able to stay home with Emily full time, but I am even happier on the weekends when Dave is able to be home with us. Here are a few pics from our weekend. And let me just say, I know all moms think their babies are the cutest. God planned it that way so we would love them even when they wake up every few hours, spit up all over you, and later grow up to make a mess of your once tidy house. But my little girl is so cute it still makes me teary. Really.

This weekend was so pleasant it was hard to believe it was January. So we dusted off the bikes and helmets and took a 45 minute ride. I was so impressed with how long Emily hung in there. And she really seemed to enjoy it.
After a long bike ride, and I emphasize the "ride" on Emily's part, she was ready for lunch and a nap. Poor girl. Post naptime Emily booted Maggie out of the only place in the house that can be called her own. I wonder if it is against child protection laws to lock her in there... just for a few minutes! Geesh! :)
Look at the innocent face. Hardly!
So continues the Emily photo shoot. Please note that this adorable little PJ outfit Emily is modeling cost me a whopping $1.47 at Old Navy. You may have already known this if you are on FB, but I got some CrAzY good deals there this weekend. 36 items for a grand total of $50.
These cool shades were part of the Target dollar section, not my Old Navy steals. But doesn't she make them look good.
I'd like to take a second and draw your mind back to the opening portion of this post where I referenced a "once tidy house." Notice the slide next to my dining room chair, the 16 DVDs strewn about the rug and the bouncing turtle by the front door. Ahhhhh!!!! It's a good thing she's cute.
What fireplace decor scheme is complete without the giant blue car, pink doll stroller and orange and green tricycle to grace the hearth? Love her.

Thanks for indulging me and my child photo obsession. Those of you with children or pets understand. Much love.