Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look who's walking...almost!

Sunday night small group is good for the soul, and apparently good for learning new tricks. Every two weeks we get together with some good friends from CTR at the Samuel's house for some yummy food and good fellowship. The kids run around in a whirlwind of energy and Emily usually has her head on a constant swivel. This week however, she jumped in on the action. Ezra just turned 1 last week and got this new toy for his birthday. He was kind enough to let Emily borrow it tonight. I was amazed to see my sweet baby walking across the room on her own like a pro with just the help of the toy. I suggested to Dave that we get Emily one and he replied, "You'd better wait until Friday or she'll be walking before you retire next week." He's so right. So Saturday we'll be doing some shopping for Emily's own push toy.