Friday, July 6, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

Well, one down about 14 more to go. School years that is. On May 21st Emily finished her first year of pre-school. Wow, what a year. She started at Collierville Presbyterian Day School in Memphis and finished at Rolling Hills Learning Center in Franklin. She started with Ms. Beth and ended with Ms. Bridget and Ms. Caitlyn. She's made lots of friends and learned that she LOVES art and playground time. She loves to play house and would rather socialize than eat her snack or her lunch. I could not be more proud of my big girl! 

On the last day of school they had a little program where the classes sang songs and the pre-K class graduated to Kindergarten. One of the cutest things was when each "graduate's" name was called they said what they wanted to be when they grow up. One of Emily's good friends (from our small group at church) Celia Tate said she wanted to be a marine biologist. Emily asked what that was and I told her it was someone who works with animals in the ocean, like dolphins. From then on Emily has been saying she wants to be a "dolphin trainer" when she grows up. I hope so. That would mean she'd be living by the ocean! 

Our sweet girls, Emily and her friend Morgan, in their matching dresses. Totally on accident too!

Ok, I'm holding back the tears but here is my sweet girl on her first day of school! It amazes me how much she has grown up!