Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miss Ballerina

What to do on a cold, rainy morning? Catch up on our TV! This morning Emily and I were watching the Miss America pageant and while watching the talent portion Emily ran into her room. Assuming she had to go potty and just wasn't telling me I followed her only to find her digging in her pajama drawer. When I asked her what she was doing she held up her ballerina PJs and said, "I going to be a ballerina." So we completed the outfit with a tu-tu and tiara and she watched Miss Oklahoma do ballet on point about 5 times in a row. Eventually I figured I needed to get some video.

Now don't worry. It was her idea! I promise never to be one of those crazy pageant moms. But it was so cute! And isn't it every mom's dream to watch her 2 year old baby girl pretend to be a ballerina? Thank you terrible weather for providing me such a fun memory this morning!