Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daddy's Turn In The Redneck Pool

Ah! The joys of summer in the south. Mosquitoes, BBQ, humidity, and sweltering heat! This past weekend it was over 100 degrees in Memphis. Since my last bright idea landed me in an inflatable kiddie pool in my front yard, I decided to share the joy with my sweet husband. This past Sunday Dave hopped in for a swim with our little water baby. This kid LOVES the water. We actually had to keep her from diving in face first! Because she is my first child and I am in love, I took over 40 pictures. But, because I love my friends and family (and would like for you to continue reading my blog) I only included the best 10 (15) below.

Daddy shows Em how to splash!
This little squishy ball was the star of the day.

Gotta get the squishy ball...

You can't see it unless you zoom in, but if you look real close you can see a giant booger!

Swimming like a fish!

I was in a lawn chair at the edge of the pool and she kept trying to crawl out and into my lap.

I'm going to get you!

Hey Mom!


Ummm... Squishy Ball!

My favorite picture of the day!
So happy!

So Sweet! She started to get a little tired and just laid her head on his chest.

Kicking back!

The photo shoot wouldn't be complete without a picture of the bathing beauty!