Sunday, June 13, 2010

Horses, Swings, and Popsicles!

This weekend was the Germantown Charity Horse Show. Emily stinking LOVES horses and normally we just stalk our neighbor's horses, walking very slowly past their front yard several times a week. So when Dave mentioned this opportunity we couldn't pass it up even though it was a stifling 95 degrees Saturday. We went between major events so there was no crowd and not really much going on which turned out to be perfect for our little bit, also free! We got to sit up close as the juniors jumped in the south ring. Like mere feet away from her.

After watching a few of the junior events we wandered over to the stables to see if we could pet the horses. Oh boy! Did we ever! The few people in the stables were eager to let us pet their horses. Some even offered to take them out of the stable for us. Dave said this is because most people are trying to sell a horse or five at these events. So he cautioned me about even joking about wanting to take one home. It was mighty tempting because these horses were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen!

After some coaxing Emily even pet one herself!

Then before we could leave we had to stop at the playground for a few minutes. Emily loves to swing. Some older boys next to her were shocked she could swing by herself. Oh ya, I told them, she's a big girl! PS. That's who she's glancing over at in the picture. Oh Lord!

After 2 hours in the blazing sun we were anxious to get home and in the pool. Well, unfortunately our fancy smanshy Wal-Mart pool had been sitting out a little too long and was a nice shade of green with lots of little floaties in it. So we ran around in the hose out front. Just when you thought we couldn't get any more redneck...we did! But she had a blast and a Popsicle!

When the popsicle ran out she was a tad disappointed.

Oh, PUUUHlease Dad! What a face!

And Now it's Nap time!

Another great weekend at home with our little family. We are really enjoying our time together and are so thankful for these opportunities. Emily is growing up so fast, hence the 8,000 pictures. These memories are so precious to us. Thank you for allowing us to share with you!