Friday, November 20, 2009

Hang on Lucy, Lucy hang on!

Ok, so the title might be a little cheesy but we need Lucy to hang on until January! But last weekend we had a little party in her honor. Her mommy, Lawren, really was just glowing! And looking so pretty! We really did appreciate having an excuse to get all the girls together. What a great weekend! Here are some pics.

This was one of my favorite pics from the weekend! When Caroline arrived Saturday morning Emily practically leaped into her arms! She must love her Aunt Caroline. But this face is priceless!!!
Look at her walking all over the place!

Hey, hey, the gang's all here! (almost)
She had so much fun playing with all the boxes and wrapping paper. It was a preview of Christmas and it's going to be fun!
After the party I took the girls to my favorite restaurant in town, a local Italian place around the corner. Although we may not be the wild party animals we use to be, we did close the place down sitting around drinking wine and telling stories. Good times!

Sunday morning I got my second favorite picture! Caroline and I slept on the air mattress and when we woke up, Emily and Maggie got in some cuddle time with their favorite Aunt Caroline!
Below are a few shots of my craftiness. Who knew! Just call me Martha.

Look what she can do now!!!

So the moment finally came and I realized that I have shared this with precious few people. Our little girl is finally walking!!! And I don't mean one or two steps here or there. I mean truckin' it across our living room, turning around, and running back. Some people have asked me when she started walking. Here's the thing, she started taking steps by herself about 2 months ago. Everyone told me once she takes those first steps it won't be long until she's running. Well that was a big fat lie. She toyed with the idea of walking forever. She could practically run if she was holding on your finger but as soon as you let go, down she went. I think her turning point was 2 weeks ago when we went to see her big cousins Hayden and Natalie. I think she saw them running around and had her own little epiphany. I know every kid walks eventually, but I still feel so proud each time I see her walk across the room. She makes my heart smile!