Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sometimes Life Really Is A Norman Rockwell Painting

I read somewhere that at 9 months, babies should be learning to put things in containers and take them out again, like blocks in a bucket. They should also be introduced to new textures. Trying to be the good mother that I want to be, I decided to let Emily help me make banana bread Saturday. It was a recipe for cute pictures.
Start with one 9 month old baby girl.
Add 1 plastic bowl
Add 1/4 cup of flour
and a measuring cupPut the bowl on your head
Yields 1 happy girl!
And 1 happy Mommy!

While Emily and I were inside baking, Dave was out front mowing the lawn. Which brings me back to the Norman Rockwell painting. I'm inside baking with my daughter, the smell of homemade banana bread wafting through the air. My manly man is outside doing yard work. Can we be anymore All-American?
Plastic bowl : $3
7 Large bananas: $5
Watching Emily bang on the window at her daddy: Priceless