Friday, February 20, 2009


It is SO cold here! There was definitely no walk around the lake last weekend, as it barely reached 50 degrees! Probably no walks for Emily for a while now. The forecast is pretty frigid for at least the next week. She does look pretty cute in her little hats though. We are all anxiously awaiting daylight saving time in a few weeks.

This weekend her Grandma Jamie and Gran-Dude are coming to visit. We are planning a low key weekend. I know they will be floored with how much she has changed since Christmas when they last saw her. She is rolling over now all the time and sitting up with some help from Mommy and Daddy. This week she found her feet! It is so cute to try and change her diaper and have her start trying to grab her feet, challenging, but cute! We are enjoying every minute of her! Even at 2am this morning when I was feeding her. After she nursed I was holding her and had a hard time puting her back in her crib. I just wanted to watch her sleep.

Love you all!