Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Proof is in the Pudding...errr...Pictures.

At my first race I crossed the finish line with the most determined, I'm gonna kill somebody, look on my face. So this time around, I remembered to muster every bit of extra energy, blink the sweat out of my eyes, and smile for the cameras. :) Say cheese! Fear not my friends, the clock in the background is the official race clock and started counting when the first group crossed the starting line. (The group Dave affectionately refers to as the Gazelles). Each of the 32 groups started at 1-3 minute intervals so my group started 31 minutes after the clock. You may also notice that I was not exaggerating the crowds. Most of the pics were like a Where's Waldo puzzle. As an aside, they sent me a link with all my race photos by using the number pasted on my chest. My number was 19861. Well, there was a picture in my bucket of runner #19867. Understandable mistake. The weird thing was, she was wearing the same exact outfit as me! Too strange. Anyway, enjoy the pics. It will be awhile before there are anymore race photos. Grace and Peace!

This is my "Thank you Jesus, I'm still alive!" pose.

The crowd did thin out a little at about mile 13.1

This was me coming in the home stretch. Notice I am in front of that guy.
Yeah for beating at least one man across the finish line who wasn't 85 years old!

Here is a shot of the "Gazelles" starting the race.
I'm right there behind them. You just have to look real hard. :)

Where's Waldo #1, Right there next to 100,000 other people.

Where's Waldo #2. I think that's me. Maybe. It's someone with a blue shirt anyway!