Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family & Fun in California

Wow, if you're still reading these, thanks! We had two awesome weeks in California this June. But between Alyssa's graduation, the marathon, and Sea World, we did have some time just to hang out & play! The weather was GORGEOUS! I mean really gorgeous. It never got above 78 degrees and most days it didn't hit 70! Crazy even for California that time of year. But it made for some great trips to the park!

My crazy little monkey!
I have no idea where she gets it from!

We met Uncle Chris for lunch one day. Emily took special attention to get ready. :)

Thanks to my awesome mom for giving me the opportunity to sneak away a few times to visit with friends over coffee or a hike. Where did they go? Oh, the park of course!

Sidebar: Is this my baby? Why does she look so grown up?!?!? Ugh!

Her and Grandma were working on their communication skills.

On the day before we left it got up to 78 degrees. Still not quite hot enough to go to the beach but we did sneak in a little time at the pool. It was super cold though.

My big kid jumped in over, and over, and over again! No fear!Ok Grandpa, no directing from those who are not willing to actually get in the pool!

Thanks to Grandma for getting these great action shots! She was a constant moving target.

My Favorite picture of the entire trip I think!

Mommy's sweet girl!

Teeth chattering, she was still smiling.

She was showing Grandma Dee her Baby Dinosaur impersonation. ROAR!

Like I said, it was pretty cold so before too long we ended up in the hot tub.

After Uncle Chris got home from work we met us at the park. I think he might be her favorite person ever.


I really have no idea where she gets it from!?!?
My beautiful sister-in-love, Holly, and Uncle Chris. Sweet goodbyes.

One more picture with Grandma and Grandpa.

And after 2 weeks in California this pretty much sums up how we felt! Time to come home to Daddy!

Sea World: Shamu, Sharks, and Starfish

You can't go to San Diego without going to Sea World. Especially when you're 2! I think as much as I was looking forward to the race, I was looking forward to taking Emily to Sea World more. I just knew my little animal lover would be over the moon. And she was. While us grown ups were weary from the race the day before, Emily was rearing to go.

Emily loves her Uncle Chris and Aunt Holly. They were so awesome to take an extra day off work to stay & play with us. And yes, this picture is blurry, but that's kind how we felt at this point.
First thing we went to see Shamu. The sheer joy and awe on her face was priceless!

Love that my toddler was almost nose to nose with Shamu. So cool!

The whole gang waiting for the Shamu: One World show to start.

We had amazing seats! Front and center.

And front & center means WET! Major props to Grandma Dee for snapping this shot and hiding the camera in her purse before the tidal wave hit.

Emily liked Shamu... until he got her soaking wet! She did NOT like that part. So Uncle Chris protected her.

Did I mention she was a big fan of Uncle Chris? He was amazing too, carrying her on his shoulders most of the day... after running 26.2 miles the day before. What a great Uncle!

After Shamu we checked out the tide pools and the Starfish. My kid is afraid of nothing! She nearly jumped in.

Next, the aquarium.

Love this pic! Like I said, watching the awe on her face was priceless!

See a pattern here? Yep, more Uncle Chris.

We may have all gone for Emily's sake, but the big kids had fun too!

After lunch we went to the Dolphin show. We learned our lesson though after Shamu and sat way back, OUT of the soak zone.

In preparation for our trip Emily and I spent a lot of time on the Sea World website checking out the exhibits via short videos. The one I was looking most forward to was the Shark Encounter. They had this people-mover type belt that went through a tunnel under the sharks. It only took 90 seconds to get from one side to the other so that people didn't stop and hold up the line. I have to admit, I would have been that person. I could have rode that stupid belt all day. It was so cool!

By the early afternoon Chris and Holly had to head back home to get ready for work the next day. But the rest of us stayed behind. I mean, there were still rides to ride!

Yep, that's my "Try not to throw-up" face. Mommy doesn't do tea-cups.

This ride was only slightly less nausea inducing.

Ah, the things we do for our children. For the record we even waited an extra turn so that Emily could ride in "the pink one!"

Thankfully Aunt Alyssa came to my rescue and rode the 3rd and final ride with her.

Before we left the big kids had to ride one more ride. My Dad might have acted like he didn't want to be there, it was too expensive, too hot, yada yada. But looks who's smiling!

And laughing!

And we couldn't leave Sea World without a few souvenirs. Pink sweatshirt from Mommy and Shamu puppet courtesy of Grandma Dee & Grandpa. One happy girl.

And this little girl went ZZZzzzzzzzz... All the way home!