Thursday, May 31, 2012

Waiting on Baby Daniel... Day 5

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day and the best way I can think to explain goes a little something like this...

7:26am - Wake up to a tickle fight and Emily's request for hot milk, which I beg off since it's too early (before 7:30). Yep 4 more minutes with my head on the pillow are that important.

7:30am - Send Daddy to get the hot milk. Score 1 for mommy. :)

9:30am - Frantically scoot all 3 of us out the door to make it to our doctors appointment on time while singing the song from Alice in Wonderland which has now become my theme song. Think White Rabbit.

10:10am - Dave and I made it on time, without Emily (big thanks to Anne) to my appointment. I've lost 5 pounds since last week. I start worrying I've been leaking water all weekend.

10:50am - Finally see my doctor. I'm 3cm and 80% effaced. Dave and I exchange high-fives with our eyes across the room. Progress! Baby's heartbeat sounds great, all is well. Doctor is not worried at all about the 5 pounds. Says I am not leaking water. Whew. I make a mental note to eat something entirely unhealthy today.

She asks us the big question, "You're past your due date. You'll be 41 weeks Saturday. How do you feel about being induced?"
Me, "I really, really don't want to be induced."
Dave, "What are the risks of going past 41 weeks?"
Doctor, "At 41 weeks she'll need to come in every 2 days and have her fluid level checked and fetal heart rate and movement monitored."
Dave, "So there's a risk."
Me, "I really, really don't want to be induced. But I really, really don't want a C-section."
Doctor, "At 3cm you are super favorable for an induction. If we even just break your water, maybe a whiff of pitocin, you'll go."

Things are starting to sound familiar.

11:01am - Conclusion, we're inducing Friday morning at 5:30am if he hasn't arrived by then. I'm feeling relief that there's an end in sight, disappointed that I might have to be induced, guilty that I've given in and not simply let nature run it's course, shock that we're even having this conversation and that he still isn't here. Ugh, and tired!

11:15am - Dave and I wait for the ultra-sound tech. The doctor wants to check my fluid levels while we're there. Dave is making me laugh so hard through contractions that I want to cry. We institute a labor rule, only make me laugh between contractions. Or sub-tractions, as Emily calls them.

12:05pm - Fly like the wind. My mom lands at the airport in 1 hour. We still have to pick up Emily and drop Dave back off at home and then get to the airport.

1:05pm - On time AGAIN today. Score 2 for mommy! At the airport waiting for Grandma Dee.

1:45pm - Get Grandma and her 3 suitcases filled with Presents (All she needs is a jolly red suit) and head back to Franklin.

3:30pm - Spend a glorious afternoon swimming with Aunt Leigh and cousins amidst a plethora of pretty painful contractions. My mom keeps looking at me like she doesn't think I'm going to make it til Friday.

7:30pm - Dinner out with GJ, Dude, Daddy, Grandma Dee, Emily and Me.

9:00pm - Dave and I introduce the whole bunch to Duck Dynasty On Demand. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. More laughing through painful contractions.

11:05pm - Mom and I finally say goodnight after unpacking all her loot for Daniel and Emily.

1:05am - I'm still up. Painful contractions every 10-15 minutes. I'm starting to agree with Mom that I might not make it til Friday.

3:30am - Emily wakes up crying. I go investigate. She has thrown up all over her bed. I call for Dave to come in here NOW.

3:30:01am - Dave comes flying into Emily's bedroom. He gets to clean up her bed and I give her a bath.

3:45am - We're all snuggled back in our bed. Time for sleep.

3:47am - Emily, "Mommy, I'm feeling sick again." Dave flies her into the bathroom and she makes it. Tossing cookies, take two, in our bathroom. Good girl.

3:50am - Super painful contraction strong enough to necessitate breathing techniques.

3:55am - I send Dave downstairs for some Ritz crackers.

3:58am - Contraction

4:06am - Contraction

4:17am - Contraction

4:26am - Contraction

4:32am - Contraction

4:41am - Contraction

So much for a good night's sleep.

Sometime after 5:30am I fall asleep.

9:27am - Still no freaking BABY!!! Your time is coming little man. I'm feeling better about scheduling that eviction on Friday.

Today's going to be a loooooong day!