Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Ice-Storm of 2010

Let me tell you the worst time of year to train for a race... it's right now! With my half-marathon just around the corner on March 21st I am in the midst of training. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating. This past weekend Memphis had the worst ice-storm in at least the past three years. Friday morning it started sleeting about 8am, then snow, but by noon it was just a freezing rain that continued into the night. As it rained, and froze, and rained some more, and froze, it slowly created a layer of ice about an inch thick on everything!
As you might notice below our home is on a very wooded lot. With so many trees directly over our house Friday night was a very long night. The power went out about 9pm so by mid-night it was pretty darn cold inside. And about every 20 minutes we could hear a loud CRACK, SNAP, POP of the branches covered in ice falling off the trees on to the roof, then sliding off to the ground. Fun stuff. By the grace of God nothing damaged the house and the power was back on by 6am. And it provided a great opportunity for all three of us to sleep together in bed snuggled with 6 blankets, although Dave and I didn't do much sleeping with the munchkin between us and the sound effects outside.
But being the adventurous family we like to think we are, in the morning we bundled up and headed out to document it. And have some fun in the process.
Some branches down in front of Emily's room.
This was the biggest branch down in the backyard that luckily missed the roof.
But after 2 days cooped up I was ready to get out even though the ice was still very present. I snapped these next few photos with my iPhone on my run Sunday.