Thursday, May 7, 2009

200 Days

Day 1

Day 200
Oh my! Where has the time gone? My sweet baby girl is growing up so fast! Looking back at the pictures of the first few days it's hard to believe it's even the same child. The same hair that was so dark and matted to her her head is now so much lighter and sticks straight up in the back. The same eyes that were squinted shut from the bright lights are now wide open and soaking in as much of the world as possible. The same sweet hands that were tucked so tight inside her receiving blanket now reach for me when I come near. There are a lot of precious memories from these first 6 months months, but there is nothing like the feeling I get when I look at her and she leans toward me and reaches out those little arms. She will nestled her little head on my shoulder and wrap her arms around my neck. Nothing is sweeter.

We have reached a lot of milestones recently, like her first tooth (which is now teeth), her new ability to sit for long periods of time self-supported, her first word (DaDa), crawling (scooting) backwards, and her move to her big girl high chair. As anxious as I am for what is to come next, I am so sad that time is going by so fast. I want to freeze time. Stop. Savor each memory. Because tomorrow, I will wake up and she will be a different baby with a new trick. But I know I will never forget the way I felt on Day 1, and every day since then! Go kiss your babies!