Thursday, November 18, 2010

MAGGIE: Free dog to good home

Oh, Maggie dog! This dog was Emily's 1st birthday present from her Pop and MeMaw. The thing is we weren't really in the market for a puppy at the time. I had gone to the shelter one day with Em and a friend and emailed Dave a few pictures. He thought this meant I wanted a dog. Not exactly. Well we loving welcomed Maggie into our family only to learn a day later that she had parvo and was near death. Dave and I fed her Gatorade with a medicine dropper over night and prayed that Emily first dog wouldn't die. We took her to the vet the next morning and 2 days and $700 later our "free" puppy was home and on the road to recovery.

For the past year she has brought boundless energy to our home. LOTS of energy! :) The thing is, she has too much energy for our cozy, but small, home. Our yard is not exactly enormous either and with a potty training toddler on my hands I don't have the time or energy to give Maggie the attention she deserves. She is GREAT with Emily. Absolutely great. But Emily isn't getting enough enjoyment out of her to justify the stress and dirt she brings into our home. She likes to dig and has made great friends with the dog next door. Luckily we are friends with our neighbor because he usually has to bring Maggie back once a week because she has gotten on their side of the fence and can't get herself back under the hole she made. And she has made at least 10 different holes that we fill, then she makes a new one, then we fill it, etc.

So as much as I like her, I guess with a real kid in the house the love is gone. And she is a good dog and deserves some lovin'. If you know anyone who wants a cute black lab puppy who is house trained, please give me a call.