Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Sunday afternoon, after all the Baby Dedication festivities were over and all the family was on it's way home, I decided to try and fit in a run. Usually on Saturday mornings I go for my long run. This past Saturday I had scheduled 11 miles, but with everyone coming in town and getting ready, I decided to push it until Sunday. Well, we were under a T-Storm watch, but the sky was sunny with storm clouds on the horizon. So I thought, I'd better go now before it arrives. Turns out, the storm traveled faster than I did. About two miles into my run, it started raining. So, I'm thinking to myself, "No big deal. I'm already wet, I might as well keep going." It was actually kind of fun. Just a light rain, enough to rinse the sweat off.

Well, all of your southerners might already know this, but a light rain can turn into a torrential downpour in about half a second. And that's just what happened! It started raining so hard that I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. I couldn't see the ground in front of me and was splashing through puddles 3-5 inches deep. So I was frantically looking for shelter to get my phone out and call Dave to come pick me up. Well, the only place in sight was the front porch of someones house. I called Dave, but figured I'd better ring the doorbell and let them know I was there so they didn't look out and see some strange, drowned rat on their front porch. Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways. The nicest old couple in the world invited me in and wrapped me up in a towel. Jack and Betty, my new found friends, volunteer at the Collierville Library and had just returned from a book drive that morning. They have the most beautiful garden out front that I have run past many times. Ms. Betty was a kindergarten teacher who has been retired for 10 years now. She keeps nursery at Collierville First Baptist on Sundays. Of course I whipped out the old cell phone with pictures of my sweet Emily. Turns out, they have a niece named Emily! Mr. Jack would like for me to bring my Emily by sometime to say hi. They offered to drive me home, but by that time Dave was pulling into their drive way. Thank you God for the opportunity to meet some new friends.