Friday, March 27, 2009

My Big Girl

OK, so I don't mean that literally. At her last doctor's visit a week and a half ago she only weighed 13 lbs 10 oz which puts her in about the 10th-20th percentile for weight and she's in about the 75th for height. My little string bean! But she is growing up so fast. She so desperately wants to crawl. If you put her on her tummy she will spin her self around in circles. Her upper body is so strong, but she just can't seem to get her legs in sync. Last night Dave and I were playing with her on the carpet and she pushed back a little and got her butt up in the air, almost on her knees.

She is also working very hard to sit up all by herself. She is a pro if someone is sitting behind her to keep her from tipping over. She can balance for a few seconds by herself, and then she tips over. It's so cute! She loves when we are sitting on the floor with her and let her stand and face us. She likes to be face to face and to feel like she is one of us. It's amazing to watch her grow up literally in front of our eyes!

Her other big thing recently is kisses. Oh boy! Does she likes to give kisses. She will use both hands and get a death grip on my cheeks, or ears, or neck, or whatever she can get a hold of and then lean in with her mouth wide open. Usually she chews on my nose, or chin. But I like to think they are kisses. :) The only thing better than that feeling is when she gets her arms all the way around my neck and holds on so tight. She gives the best hugs. (Sorry Dave!)

I can't wait for you all to see her. You are not going to believe how fast she is growing up. In a few weeks she is being dedicated at church. We can't wait for her Grandparents and Aunt Alyssa and Godparents to come visit us. It is going to be a very blessed weekend. Until then, prayers and kisses to all of you!