Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Over the past several months Emily's imagination has totally taken off and I'm amazed everyday at what that little mind of hers comes up with. I've been meaning to start a "Funny things Emily says" regular post. But the trouble with a 2 year old is you're so busy keeping up with them that you don't have time to post all the funny things they say! So here's tofay's installment. And I promise to be more diligent in the coming months.

Now, the reason for the title about prayer was today's toddler moment. While shopping today Emily found a cute set of newborn nightgowns. The conversation went something like this:

Emily: Awe, these are cute.
Me: Well, Emily, those are for little bitty babies.
Emily: Mommy, I want us to have a tiny baby.
Me: Well, maybe you should ask Jesus for a baby.
Emily: (Immediately sits down under the rack and folds her little hands) Jesus, please can I have a baby sister? Amen.
Me: (tears in my eyes)

fast forward to car ride home...

Emily: Mommy, we need to tell Jesus about the Veggie Tales movie and the Lolly-pops.
Me: Baby, I'm sure He knows, Jesus can see everything.
Emily: But we still need to tell Him about everyting (Misspelling intentional)
Me: OK. "Jesus, thank you for today, thank you for our time together and for the Veggie Tales movie. I'm so grateful for my sweet baby girl who has been soooo good today." (With a little wink to the backseat) "Amen."
Emily: No Mommy, we need to ask Him for a baby, remember.
Me: Ok, "Jesus, please send us a baby sister for Emily."
Emily: No, Mommy. Jesus is going to give us TWO babies.
Me: (trying not to swerve off the road) No, ma'am. How about we just ask for one baby.
Emily: No. A baby brother AND a baby sister.
Me: Well, Em, babies are hard work. Let's just ask for one baby.
Emily: No mommy. You just have to try real hard. I know you could do it. You just gotta try real hard.
Me: (Trying so hard not to laugh) Ok Em.
Emily: No, Mommy you gotta ASK Jesus for two babies.
Me: OK, here it goes. Jesus, please send us (choke) two babies and the grace to handle them!

So if in a few months you see a post that I've been committed, you will know that prayer works!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Babies And Not So Baby Anymore!

WARNING! Not for the faint of heart (aka, hormonal, sentimental, or otherwise likely to cry)

Babies, babies! Everywhere I look there are babies. Newly pregnant friends, just born babies, and soon to be born babies. Over the course of 4 days I had two friends have babies and 1 friend announce a pregnancy. Geesh! This weekend we traveled to Franklin for a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Leigh and soon to arrive, Baby Harper. It was a great night put together by some of Leigh's friends. Maw Maw, PaPa and Jacie came up from Alabama and all us grown up girls went out to dinner to celebrate.

Before we headed back today we went by to see our friends Scott and Anne and their two girls Morgan (almost 2) and sweet new baby Ellen! There is nothing like holding a tiny, snugly, fresh from Heaven baby! We thought about just running off with her when Anne wasn't looking but since they know where we live we figured they'd find us eventually! :) Three days after Ellen graced this world with her presence, my sweet friend Tara welcomed her fourth (Yes, on purpose) child into this world. Meet baby Sophia Elise! So I did what any self-respecting friend would do. I cooked them dinner as a rouse to go over and snuggle their new baby for a bit! And in true 4th child form Sophia attended her first playdate at an amazing 8 days old and handled it like a champ. Although I have to admit, I've never seen grown women fight like that over anything before. We were stalking each other like ninjas just waiting to swoop in and steal her for a few minutes. There was never a prize so worthy.
And as I started thinking of all the new babies in my world, I got sort of sentimental over the not so babies in my world. Of course the most obvious was my own baby who reminds me daily that she is not a baby, she is a big girl. :( As she says, "I gonna be a big girl so I can go to chool!" And watching her with her cousin Rowan this weekend who is a mere 1 year younger than her, I realized just how much they grow up in 1 short year.

And big girls just keep getting bigger. Upon her arrival Jacie quickly reminded us that she started High School last week. Eeeek! I know this was more startling for Dave who remembers her as a baby, but I just have her locked in my head the way I met her, as Dave's baby cousin. It seems like just yesterday she was the flower girl in our wedding six short years ago.

Now she is a green-eyed knock out with 4 brand new pair of Miss-Me jeans and cowboy boots, courtesy of her Make-A-Wish shopping spree. You might remember that Jacie has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and had a pretty hard fight just a few years ago. But like any southern girl, she kicked it's butt! At 14 she has been through more than any kid should have to go through, but boy! Have she ever come out better and more beautiful on the other side of all that!

I couldn't help but think how fast her next four years are going to go as she finishes High School and heads off to college. And I couldn't help but think that because this week my baby sister moved into her dorm at San Francisco State University. (Ok, break out the tissues) I honestly cannot believe she is already grown and living on her own. I give my mom a hard time about the monsoon she created when she dropped Alyssa off, but truth be known, I've shed a few tears myself. I'm so excited for all she has ahead of her, and so proud of her for trying out for their cheer leading team next week. She's jumping in with both feet and I know she will succeed. But it brings back so many emotions of leaving behind good friends to start a new adventure myself 11 long years ago. Literally that was a lifetime ago! Here she is getting her first "Big Girl Bed"

And now her "Big Girl Bed" is hundreds of miles from home, surrounded by suitcases and strangers. OMG.

Love you little sis!

And now I'm going to go sneak into Emily's room and give her 10 more kisses goodnight while her big girl bed is still in my house!