Monday, February 7, 2011

My Cranky Valentine

Ah, taking pictures of a two-year old! Such joy! In an attempt to send out personalized Valentine cards to our family and friends I thought I'd take my annual Valentine photo shoot of Emily (see previous years successes below). This year was not so easy. My precious two year old is super funny, smart, and I think, the cutest thing ever. However, cooperative is not at the top of her list of strengths. So as soon as this snow clears I'm taking her to Portrait Innovations to let them do the dirty work! But her super funny, uncooperative side did make for some good outtakes! Enjoy!

She kept saying she looked like a princess, but this meant she had to spin around and clutch her dress like Belle. We've been watching lots of Beauty and the Beast lately.

Daddy tried to help by making her laugh, unfortunately this meant she never looked at the camera, just at Daddy.

I'm not listening!

Yep, we had lots of blurry pics too!
Ok, so we're done. Let's try a new outfit and see if that goes better.
Love that forced, cheesy, 2 year old smile.

Again, looking at Daddy instead of the camera.
And it's time for a nap!
Last year's session. Emily at 16 months old.Emily at 4 months old. Awww, such sweet memories. Where has the time gone?