Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Sonnenberg

Congratulations Chris and Holly! What a beautiful couple! And what a fabulous day. I know the weather in California is picture perfect, but this truly was the most perfect day ever. Holly and I started the morning by going to get coffee and doughnuts, which I think was the only thing Holly ate until after the ceremony. All the girls got ready at my parents house with mimosas. We even had the hairstylists come to us. That was the best idea ever!
Holly and I getting ready at the church.
Holly with her ring bearer. I can't decide who is cuter!
Holly's maid of honor fixing her dress just before the ceremony started.
Me and my girl getting ready. She was very sleepy.
My precious Goddaughter, Delaney.
Ten minutes until go time and she is almost asleep.
Emily made it down the aisle but fell asleep during the ceremony.
She was not happy when we had to wake her for pictures.
The whole crew after the ceremony. Emily was very interested in Christie's flowers.
The ceremony went smoothly. Delaney carried Emily down the aisle and Ramsey, the ring bearer, ran down the aisle and then turned around and ran back up the aisle to his mom. So cute. Here is the happy couple at the reception site taking pictures before the party gets started.
Chris and Holly enjoying their first dance. They chose some romantic song I can't remember. What I do remember is that after their official first song, Chris had the DJ play a special song as a surprise to Holly. He played "I Want To Grow Old With You" from the movie The Wedding Singer. It was so funny and super sweet.
The bride and groom with my parents.
They were way too nice to each other. Although I kept thinking all day that Holly was the tiniest bride I've ever seen. I just wanted to pick her up and put her on top of the cake!
Emily was full of energy and was making faces at everyone all night.
Emily with her big cousin Delaney. Although we were calling them sisters by the end of the night. Dave and I almost took Delaney home with us she was so sweet!
Dave and I dancing. We'll call this the "Before" picture.
As the night progressed so did the sweating. It was crazy hot.
We'll call this the "After."
All the men dancing to YMCA. You know Dave bust out the James Brown splits.
Chris and Holly dancing the night away.
My Dad and I enjoying a father daughter dance. For the record, he dances like a white guy.
Emily having a dance with her Grandpa Gary.
Holly with her new father-in-law.
Dave spinning my mom. She was feeling her age by the end of this dance.
Ninjas, they're everywhere!
Daddy and his girl having a dance.
Emily and Momma having a dance. Someone is getting sleepy.
And she's down for the count. This was one of my favorite moments from the evening. My Grandpa held her for almost an hour while she slept.
The night was a huge success. Chris and Holly got married (Check). Everyone enjoyed the party (check). And no one got arrested or fell off the patio. :) My feet were aching for 2 days after all the dancing, but it was so worth it. Sunday after lunch Mom and Dad took us to the airport for our flight home. As much fun as I had that weekend, it felt good to be going home with my little family. Below is one last picture from the weekend. I took it while walking through the airport in Dallas (And yes, I am that moron in the airport that is not watching where she is going because I'm too busy looking at my baby). Emily has learned this new "Squishy Face." Dave and I always love pictures that have sound effects. You know, when you look at them you can almost hear the sound that goes along with them. Don't you just want to kiss this face?

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Ok people, I know you just want to see pictures of the wedding, but Rome wasn't built in a day. A lot went into the weekend and we're almost there. Here are a few pics from the Bachelorette party. Don't worry, we had the bride home before midnight. And as the responsible bridesmaid I was, I made sure she didn't have too much to drink. As for the groom and his men... well...let's just say Dave got home around 2:45am.

The highlight of the evening was that the table next to us contributed $100 toward our tab. Woot woot! We did the typical embarrassing stuff including an oddly shaped confection and making Holly get random guys phone numbers.