Monday, June 15, 2009

Cafe Piazza

Ah! Date night. My favorite. Even better is impromptu date night! Saturday evening I suggested walking the .75 miles up to the square and having dinner at our favorite little Italian eatery. Dave gave in quickly to my request. Probably because we had both had visions of each other being carried away to Oz Friday night. Friday evening the Memphis area saw more than 3 small tornadoes touch down in various locations, one as near as 8 miles north of our home. We couldn't reach each other by cell phone or reach Emily's Daycare for more than 30 minutes. The worst of it hit right before 5pm. I couldn't even leave my office to go get Emily because of the rain and 75 mph winds. Finally all three of us were safe at home. There was a lot of lovey dovey in our house after that kind of scare. Power was out for more than 14 hours at our house, and this morning my boss's house still does not have power. We fed Emily by candle light and spent a few hours reading.

So anyway, back to date night. Yes, Saturday night Dave treated us girls to an evening out. We strapped Emily into the stroller and walked up to Cafe Piazza. If you are ever in Collierville Dave and I will probably take you to this little gem. They have delicious food, a cute atmosphere, very reasonable prices, and are located on the historic Collierville square, just 5 minutes walking distance from our house. Emily was a good as gold through dinner. Even the people at the table next to us stopped to tell us how good Emily was and how sweet she was. Although we know we have the best kid in the world, sometimes it's nice to be reminded by non bias strangers to confirm our suspicions. After splitting a pizza and some fried calamari, and Emily's banana puffs and pureed carrots, we walked home. It was the best date night in a long time. All three of us were together, we were in no hurry, and life was good.