Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lovey Day

I love Valentine's Day. I really LOVE it! It's my favorite holiday behind Christmas. You know, that whole birth of our Savior Jesus kind of trumps everything else. But after Christmas, Valentine's is my favorite. Luckily I have my head on straight this week and remembered if I was going to order Valentine's cards with Emily's picture on them, then I was going to have to get cracking. So Monday we had a mini photo shoot at the house. I put on her pretty pink dress and got to work. How I love my job! Here are a few of the pictures that didn't make it on the actual card. I will wait until Valentine's Day to post that one, otherwise, what's the point of the cards?!?!

I LOVE this photo! I kept telling her to look at Mommy so I could get a cute picture, but it was cold and it was not so easy. So I told her to, "look at mommy's eyes." and she kept pointing to her own eyes! It was so funny!