Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll Tide!

This wasn't Emily's first Alabama game, technically. She was around for the second half of last season, but then she mostly just slept even through the cheers and commotion. This weekend she had a better idea of what was going on. It was SO fun to watch her watch Dave! Her eyes were fixed on him for most of the night. I don't think the day could have been any better. We started with coffee, a big breakfast casserole and College Gameday. Then Emily and Dave played with the football in the living room while I prepared the White Chicken Chili for dinner. Then we all took a nap. Then of course a brief photo shoot in the front yard to capture the game day outfit. Then Emily watched the first half of the game with us before she turned in for the night. Dave and I did a lot of jumping up and down in the second half to compensate for our lack of yelling. :) Quite the scene. Here are a few pics from the evening. ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Here's looking at YOU kid!
Looking up at her Daddy.Check out the "A" on her tush. I love that she is pointing at it!
Following in Mommy's footsteps!
Watching kickoff.
Daddy and his girl. Someone is getting sleepy. Here's my monkey, oh, I mean, My daughter.
One last one of Mommy and Daddy.
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