Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh Spring...Where art thou?

So Daylight Savings Time came around and I was so excited. Emily and I had a good long run after work Monday. We were feeling refreshed and ready for Spring; ready to be outside. Since Tuesday the temperature has not reached above 36 degrees. Yuck! We are ready for some fun in the sun.
This week Dave was out of town for work in Nashville. We missed him, and he missed us. While he was gone I tried giving Emily some cereal again and she really seems to be taking to it. Much better than last month. Now she is opening her mouth really wide (and laughing), reaching for the spoon (and laughing) and actually eating the cereal instead of pushing it back out (and laughing). She thinks eating is just one of the funniest things ever. She is barely getting an ounce or so each night of cereal, but right now we're just trying to get her use to the texture and taste and the idea of eating real food. It is going well. The good news is, that one little ounce of cereal seems to be sticking to her tummy because last night she slept from 7:30pm until 6am this morning. It was fantastic! We are surely going to stick with it and try a little cereal each night. In a week or two we might try some veggies or fruit. I know, we're pretty wild at the Chambless household! Watch out! :)

This weekend we are going to a baby shower for my good friend Courtney who is due May 5th. I am bringing Emily along because there will be a house full of women with baby on the brain. I'm sure she will be the star of the show... except for the mommy-to-be, that is. We even have her outfit all picked out! I don't have the gift yet, but Emily's outfit is already hanging on the back of the door. You can tell where our priorities are in our house. :o) I will be sure to post some pics.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Take care and God bless!