Thursday, January 7, 2010


Right now I have the most spectacular view of the snow covering everything 12 inches deep between me and Lake Michigan. I am writing this from the cafe inside the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's... Interesting. Actually (and please don't hate me if you're an admirer of modern art) it's terrible! It's definately an experience I will not forget. And I am glad I dragged my sorry butt out of the warm hotel to see this. But I am absolutely amazed at what we (as a society) now consider "art." I have seen marble sculptures made to look like a row of dead bodies covered with white sheets. Fear not, there will be no photos of that. I have seen a whole room of wire and aluminum hanggings reminiscent of that windmill in the movie "Twister." There was series of candid photos of a woman on a train picking her nose. I am sad to report that this particular post will have no photos because all the pics are on my digital camera and thanks to modern technology I am writing this on my handy dandy iPhone. In hindsight, probably could have taken a few on this little hand-held marvel. But alas...

Back to the punchline. After seeing room after room of trash (literally and figuritively) compared to the gorgeous white snow hangging delicately in the trees, I was struck by how AWESOME our God is and how silly we are! The God of the universe carved out a lake and river and mountains. He dusts the earth with snow and to see it float down one large, Chicago sized, flake at a time actually stopped me in my tracks. How we can miss the glorious scenery of God's creation, yet put a replica of a chicken made out of aluminum cans on display to admire baffles me. Sadly it speaks to the way people love to love themselves and dismiss God. I can't tell you how many plaques said the artist "created this to challenge what is accepted art." When will we realize we don't create anything. We can only rearrange the things God has already created. I'm tired of change for the sake of change. And I'd like to thank the MCA for reminding me how small we are and how great God is! Now, if God had only reminded me not to wear heels in 18 inches of snow! Time to find my way back to the hotel without breaking my neck.