Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day at the Park

I love being a stay at home mommy! Since I left the workforce I have been trying to work through a long list of projects I had around the house. I painted butterflies on the wall in Emily's nursery, I made a wall frame collage thingy in my entry way, we have laid sod in our backyard (pictures of all that to follow later). But this weekend I realized I was stressing out over things that I thought HAD to get done when really it was extra stuff I WANTED to do. So Monday I spent all day doing nothing but playing with Emily. We took a long run to the park and played for a while then ran home for naptime. Below are some of the pics from our afternoon. Now you can see why everyone who is around her for any length of time tells me she is a little monkey! For the record, I did not help her climb on any of that stuff at ALL! That was all Emily. But I was within arms reach in case she fell. Not to worry! (All pics courtesy of my iPhone)

Yes, that is her standing on one foot with her other foot up on the handlebars!