Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Showers Bring Baby Showers!

Not for me, mind you. My dear friend Courtney is due with her first baby May 5th. So like any self-respecting friend would do, I took it as an excuse to go out to eat with all our friends and have cupcakes! We surprised her last night with a baby shower at Ciao Bella in Memphis with 14 of her co-workers/friends. Luckily we didn't scare her into labor. The food was yummy, the company was great and the mommy-to-be got lots of good stuff for the baby. The little stinker (Courtney, that is) wants to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex. The only person who knows is the ultrasound tech and her husband, Dante. He hasn't told anyone, much to our disappointment! There was lots of green and yellows and some completely adorable stuff that I would have stolen if I hadn't already had my arms full of Emily and her stuff. Courtney, we can't wait for Baby Tarena to arrive. Play dates, here we come!

Emily with my sweet friend Joan at the party!

On a sad note, Dave did not get to spend time with Emily last night. Instead, my poor hubby spent yesterday hugging our toilet. He has some sort of stomach bug. It's hard to see my manly man reduced to a shriveled up pile of blue sweatsuit on the couch. He was finally able to keep down a chocolate milkshake last night after the party and an Arby's sandwich. I still don't understand how he can eat that stuff when he's sick. I don't even like it when I'm well. But, hey, at least he kept something down. He seems to be feeling a little better, this morning. He politely kept his germs confined to the couch last night, but please pray that his stomach bug doesn't bite me or Emily. So far, so good.