Monday, November 1, 2010

Girl's Just Want to Have Fun!

While Daddy's away the girls will play. Last month Dave went to Tulsa for a regional meeting for work. We miss him pretty bad when he's away. Mostly Mommy misses the reinforcements at 6pm each day. But we had a good time just us girls. We went to the park A LOT! Instead of taking Daddy with us to the park we brought Mr. Moose. I don't know if you've ever read the book, "If You Give A Moose A Muffin," but if you give him a muffin he wants jam to go with it. Then he wants this and that. Dave doesn't like the book because he says the moose is a jerk. But it's pretty funny.

My little monkey!
Hamming it up on the slide.

Contemplating the deeper meaning of life. Hmmm...

After the park we had a pajama party. The good thing about Daddy being gone was that we could have leftover hodge podge for dinner, in front of the TV with our movie on. The Princess and the Frog, here we come.
This picture still makes me laugh. I asked her if she was tired. This is what I got. Such a drama queen already.

The night before Daddy came home we whipped him up this little pecan pie, his favorite. Made with the legendary Golden Eagle syrup. Yum!

iPad iPlease

Date night is usually just me and Dave but last month we had an event to attend. Dave is a member of this local business group of medical professionals. No, he didn't change jobs, but a lot of his clients are in the medical field so by being a member he gets to attend luncheons every month, gets their member list to prospect and network. Twice a year they have a social event. This fall it was held at the Lichterman Nature Center in Memphis. This place was so neat, but more on that in a later post. Mom and I ended up taking Emily there during her visit. But this particular evening there was food, dancing, and door prizes. I rarely win anything. But for some reason everyone who won anything was standing next to this one lady. So during the second round of door prizes Dave and I, and like 5 other people, jokingly stood as close to this lady as possible. People were rubbing her head like a magic lamp. I chose to rub only her elbow. Odd enough, it was working! The next 2 people to win were touching this lady! So our rubbing intensified and behold! The last prize of the night was an iPod and we won!
On a side note the girl who had to call out Dave's name was an interesting little thing. She is A) a competitor of Dave's, selling a similar product. B) She had grabbed his butt earlier in the night. Not that he wasn't dancing with his wife ALL night. But hey lady, if you think your moves are that good, go for it. It made for a good laugh all the way home. To our house... where we sleep together every night. Hope that butt grab made your night. Poor girl. So thanks, but I'll just take me husband and my new iPad home with me. :)

Our good friends Andy and Mary. They won too. Not an iPad, but a $100 gift certificate to Carrabba's.

September in a Flash

To get back up to speed I'm flashing through September. Nap time is great! This is my 4th post of the day! WooHoo!

A day at the park:
Attack of the ducks! These geese were cRaZy! They came chasing after us.

I say, "Show me your teeth." This is what I got!
Attempt at Mommy/Daughter portrait #1
Attempt #2
3rd time's a charm!
Shopping for a Halloween costume. Monkey?
Mommy Daddy Date night! Out on Beale St. We were at the karaoke bar and this huge, bald, white guy tried singing "Big Papa" and literally, those were the only two words he knew from the entire song. We were laughing so hard we were crying!
Here is standard daytime wear at our house. A cutie outfit complete with headband (or hat), one Easter glove, and a bib.
Then off to Nashville to celebrate birthdays with Grandma Jamie and Rowan. Here is Roger, the bubble frog.

And a big hug from Grandma Jamie
Riding around with Rowan in a plastic box. Piles of expensive toys over to the side and they play in the plastic box. Love it. Can we just take a second to appreciate Rowan's cheeks! Seriously!
Bumper Boxes!
On the rode again. My sentiments exactly Em.
I found her!
Back to the Zoo! What blog entry would be complete without some pictures from the zoo?

And back to the zoo with Olivia, Emily's BFF!

And our first big-girl nightgown. Daddy didn't like it. He said she looked too old. Good night folks!

The Crazy Hat Lady

My daughter, the Diva, has a crazy obcession with hats lately. I tell her to go get her bib for lunch and she comes back with a hat (They're in the same drawer).

I love this kid!

Hector The Inspector

Twice a month Dave and I volunteer in kids church and get to hang with some of the coolest K-5th graders I know. A few weeks back we were focusing on showing respect. Ms. Ami hired a real Respect Inspector to come make sure all the kids were being super-duper respectful. I happened to catch a picture of the handsome guy!

Labor Day

Ok, so I know that I am WAAAAAAAY behind on the blogging, but here it goes...

Labor Day

We went to Tuscaloosa for the Tide's first game! Besides the puking kid in the car on the way there it was picture perfect. Don't take my word for it, here are the pictures!
Pretty Pretty Princess watching The Little Mermaid on the way down.
My handsome driver!
Upon arrival. Emily was naked in her carseat (because I wasn't willing to risk her puking again on the only back-up outfit I had) smelling a little like puke and then Dave spilled his beer on her shoes. Great! My toddler is in T-Town, naked, smelling like puke and beer. Hopefully NOT a sign of things to come!
Tailgating with the ladies on the quad. So good to see Auntie Anna and Auntie AT!
Add Auntie Ginger and the Phi Mu house and the pictures just gets better!
After some game-day fun we dropped Emily off with MeMaw and Pop who took her back to Montevallo so Mommy and Daddy could have some grown-up time!

The gorgeous view from our seats, ... er, ... uh, Lawren and Bret's seats that they so kindly let us rent for the evening.