Monday, June 7, 2010

The Marvolous Mundane

Here are a few pointless updates and some pics of everyday around our house. A big development for us that might seem small to  most people is that we have graduated from the highchair and are now using a booster seat at the big table. Emily is growing up so fast!

One of our favorite things to do is walk up to the square and have lunch at the silver caboose. And every week (at least most weeks) we get together with my friend Courtney who I use to work with. Last Friday her mom brought her baby girl Melora to join us for lunch at our fav spot. Melora just turned one April 27 and her and Emily are good friends.

Forecast for Memphis: HOT! It has pretty much been 89-94 degrees for the past 2 weeks here in Memphis so we splurged for the big pool at Wal-Mart. So here is how our Saturday went...

Then we played on the swing.

So that was our weekend. Non pictured events include Saturday date night with daddy. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch Bama play baseball and then Sunday was church, naptime, and small group at our house.