Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Captain my Captain!

Ladies and gentleman meet my new love, Captain. My new 2011 Honda Pilot! Get it, it's a Pilot named "Captain." Right before our trip to CA Dave told me he decided to sell his truck and get me an SUV. Mostly because he drives so much for work and we never use the truck for hauling anything. Plus we're planning on needing additional seating sometime in the future. After some serious research and test driving we decided on the Pilot. Honda sold out of the 2010 models about 4 months ago and with used Hondas selling for nearly the same price as the 2011 we decided to buy new. It smells SO good! Captain has a DVD player for Emily's enjoyment and plenty of room. 8 seats and lots of storage space for baby stuff.

The End. (Hahaha)