Saturday, October 3, 2009

New House Guest

So while Emily and I were away this week Dave was a little lonely. Apparently he found a new friend. Look what we found when we arrived home yesterday afternoon.
No Dave has not lost his mind and did not get a cat while I was gone, but he did agree to cat-sit for a friend of his who was out of town. Lily is a 6 week old tabby cat and she is SO cute! She is very playful and ridiculously tiny. Emily likes the company.

This was SO funny! Lily kept crawling under our ottoman and Emily kept peeking under to find her. But Lily would come out the other side and bat at Emily's feet. It was a hoot!

They did play really well together.

Lily will be returning home to Andy and Mary tomorrow, but we have sure enjoyed our visit. And for the record, there are no cats in our future!